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Frequently Asked Questions


1.Why has my logistics not been updated for a long time?

From the time your package be picked up by the logistics company to it arrives in your country, there will be about 7 days with no updates(Usually they are waiting for flight or are under customs clearance ). Once you package arrived in your country, it will update frequently. If it is more than 10 days with no updates, most of the reason is that your package affected by flights and customs clearance, please wait with patient. (Recently COVID-19 is the main cause of the above problems). Only few condition is package loss, and if so we will make a compensation for you.

2.Why didn't I receive the goods within the stipulated time?

Reason1: Similar to the first question ,you package are affected by flights and customs clearance.
Reason2: There’s something wrong with your information, and the courier could not deliver. So please give us your correct information and call to post office at once when you found your package return to sender. Or else, your package will be destroyed.
Reason3: You items may get lost by logistic company.

3.Compensation Policy

1.You received your package but the shipping time longer than we promised.
You can contact customer service to apply for compensation by [email protected]
2.You never receive your package and the shipping time is longer than we promised.
Please wait 15 days more. If finally you received your package, we will compensate you as article one.
If you have waited another 15 days and still get nothing. A big probability is your package is lost. You can visit your local post office or contact logistics company to file a claim. We would like to compensate 50% of the amount your actual paid. Or you can ask a replenishment for Free.


1.Condition of return and exchange

We will process your case within 24-72 hours once you submit your request.
Please notice that only your order be placed over 15 days then you can submit a request.(Cause our shipping time normally is 5-15 business days)
If the delivery time is less than 15 days, please wait several days. Thank you for your patience!

2.Method of Return and Refund

Please read our Returen & Refund Policy carefully, then login your personal account, click RMA button to submit your request.